Beautiful wool from happy bunnies

What is Ethical Angora?

Our idea started after the purchase of a rather fluffy Christmas jumper. Investigations into the type of wool used and where it was sourced from ensued until we decided that most Angora on sale today comes from suppliers with questionable welfare standards, often from China or South Africa.

The idea was seeded and now we aim to produce wool that is from happy bunnies with natural diets and plenty of space.

Our rabbits are shorn - not plucked - approximately every 3 months, we don't use a board or strap them down, just a small table so they cannot hop too far. It usually takes two of us to do their tummies.

At first they were a bit worried about this process but now they are used to it and relaxed with our handling. Doing it this way is labour intensive and not the most productive method which is why we have to charge premium prices, but it is, in our opinion, the kindest.

We blend the fibre with local sheep wool (but wont use Merino due to the 'mulesing' practice), with a high angora content to ensure it has a lovely, warm, soft feel.

We are now operating from a new premises with a large field with runs for our rabbits (the previous location had outside access but not as much). Have a look at the photos in our news section.

We are a small business based in the heart of Wales producing a range of homegrown Angora wool and handmade clothing.     
Angora is the beautifully soft and warm fibre from Angora rabbits who are shorn every 3 months without being harmed or distressed.
Our yarns are ideal for the hobbiest, designer or simply those who love super soft, warm wool.

Balls are available in 50g  as 100% angora or blended with a variety of locally sourced sheep wool.

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